About the cellar

The Fortuna Cellar is located in Rynek 8, in a town house that once belonged to the Lubomelski family. The room of a former "winery" with its walls are covered with a renaissance polichrome - unique in Poland paintings of secular topics. Ten pictures on the walls, fireplace hood and celling refer to the ancient world (mythology, literature) and renaissance customs. The polichrome has been dated to the second part of 16th century.

In the gallery you can see some pictures from our interiors.

"Piwnica pod Fortuną", or "The Fortuna Cellar", is located in Lublin at Rynek 8, in a historic tenement of the Lubomelski family. The tenement is located in the northern part of the Old Town Market with an entrance from the Crown Tribunal, and with a courtyard and the gateway to Grodzka Street. Making the historic building available to the public is possible thanks to the project "Renovation of a Renaissance The Fortuna Cellar in Lublin by the use of innovative multimedia solutions," co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund under the Regional Operational Programme of Lublin in 2007-2013, according to the operation 7.1 Infrastructure of Culture and Tourism of the Regional Operational Programme of the Lublin Province.

In the fifteenth to sixteenth centuries, the Rynek 8 tenement (together with the tenement at Grodzka 3) belonged to the Lubomelski family and was inherited by subsequent generations. During the fire in 1575 it was almost completely burnt down and rebuilt once again around 1580. Only then the precious polychromes were created. After Lubomelski family, the tenement was inherited by pharmacist families: Zaborowicz, Scherer, Szuart (late eighteenth century), followed by mayor Makarewicz, who hosted there King Stanislaw II August arriving at the tribunal session. The mayor rebuilt the tenement in the Classicist style, in which (almost unchanged) it remains to this day. After taking possession of the tenement by the Brenger family, it was given for charity. Until 1941 the tenement housed the rabbinate of Lublin. The building has high historical values. The Lubomelski family created there a winery in the cellar, whose walls and ceiling were decorated by an anonymous artist with precious secular polychromes from the late sixteenth century.

Implementation of the project will enable the creation of a new tourist facility on the map of Lublin - Under Fortune Cellar, equipped with multimedia equipment and modern interior design in a historic building.

The Fortuna Cellar object consists of 10 rooms of different themes, covering a total area of ​​206 m2, of which the most important room is the winery with unique sixteenth century paintings. Under Fortune Cellar at Rynek 8 is included in the tourist trails: Jagiellonian Trail Of The Lublin Union, and is close to the other tourist trails: Trail Of Famous Lubliners, The Architectural Trail and Multicultural Trail, also leading to the Old Town Market.